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openSUSE Community Announces Partnership with Cavium to Support the ThunderX Workload Optimized Processor Family

Initial Port Developed for ThunderX to Enable Broader Community Engagement

SAN JOSE, Calif., and Computex TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 3, 2014 – The openSUSE Community today announced a partnership with Cavium, Inc., in support of the ThunderX processor family. With this partnership Cavium will work with the openSUSE community to provide engineering resources along with ThunderX based reference systems for openSUSE development, optimization and support.

openSUSE has been working on ARMv8 AArch64 support for the last two years, not just within the distribution but also in its toolsets. The first AArch64 build was released in March 2013, after having developed the user mode emulation for QEMU which was submitted upstream and subsequently merged.  This has enabled the Open Build Service to support AArch64, providing developers an easy way to build and package their software for the architecture; there are builds available for the current 13.1 release and regular builds of the development snapshot of the distribution.

As the openSUSE distribution is the foundation for SUSE Linux Enterprise, it offers a stable incubation environment for new technology.  openSUSE believes strongly in providing choice and in addition to providing support for KVM they have been working closely with the Xen project. openSUSE has full support both for Xen and KVM hypervisors on AArch64 providing users choice when it comes to hypervisors and workloads such as Open Stack.

“The openSUSE community works closely with its peers, and working with the ARM ecosystem is able to provide an image for the Cavium ThunderX platform. This image provides all the components required to be able to deploy ThunderX on various workloads, from Big Data and Hyperscale to traditional server loads,” said Vincent Untz, openSUSE Board Chair. “Cavium has been an active partner to ensure the best possible support for openSUSE on AArch64. openSUSE is greatly respected for its technology and strong development community.” 

“ThunderX is well suited to the workloads that customers are running today on their openSUSE deployments,” said Larry Wikelius, Director Thunder Ecosystems and Partner Enablement. “As this community continues to grow we look forward to even greater acceleration of software innovation and optimization for ThunderX.”

The ThunderX product family provides best in class 64-bit ARMv8 data center and cloud processors, which we believe will offer an unprecedented level of integration and industry leading ARMv8 SoC performance. With high performance custom cores, single and dual socket configurations, very high memory bandwidth, large memory capacity, integrated hardware accelerators, fully virtualized core and IO, scalable Ethernet fabric and feature rich I/O’s that enable best in class performance per dollar and performance per watt.  The ThunderX family includes multiple Workload Optimized SKUs that enable servers and appliances that are optimized for compute, storage, network and secure compute workloads in the cloud. The ThunderX processor family is fully compliant with ARMv8 architecture specifications as well as ARM’s SBSA.

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