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Gigabyte Technology Announces Expansion of Server Platforms based on Cavium's ThunderX Workload Optimized Processor Family

Optimized Systems Supporting First Volume Server ARM64 Solutions

Taipei, Taiwan, June 3, 2014– GIGABYTE Technology, a leading  creator of high performance server hardware, and Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for enterprise, data center, cloud, wired and wireless networking, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver workload optimized server platforms based on Cavium’s 64-bit ARMv8 ThunderX product family.

Gigabyte’s award winning product portfolio has been long recognized in the industry as a leader in design and innovation. With a broad offering of volume server platforms Gigabyte has demonstrated engineering expertise in areas of system level integration of compute with I/O, large memory configurations and power optimization.  With a world-wide presence Gigabyte is uniquely positioned to accelerate the delivery and deployment of ThunderX based systems into cloud and data center.

Gigabyte’s product portfolio is being offered targeting different server categories i.e.  compute, storage, networking and secure-computing specific workloads thereby providing best-n-class performance per watt and performance per dollar.  This wide range of processor offering would enable Gigabyte Technologies to meet the demands of next generation data center & cloud by offering workload optimized servers ranging from 1U to 6U chassis in standard rack and open rack form factors.

The 1U design in Micro ATX form factor with multiple PCIe Gen3 and SATA connectors for expansion modules along with high memory capacity is an ideal platform for single socket workload application. In addition, this platform provides user access to all the Ethernet and USB ports and is well suited for developers and data center architectures. The Gigabyte 2U high density rack server platform in SSI form factor can accept 4 compute nodes (each node being a 2S), 24 2.5” HDDs and 80Gbps of external bandwidth including four 10Gbps uplinks and four 10Gbps chassis interlinks. The integrated Ethernet fabric enables scalable rack levels interconnect supporting fault-tolerance architecture as well as port optimization for inter-rack connectivity. This specific platform is designed to deliver workload optimized acceleration to the most demanding applications in big data and virtualization domains. Full BMC management with integrated IPMI for out of band management is supported on these platforms.

 “Gigabyte’s new line of ARMv8 server offerings enabled by Cavium’s ThunderX processors provides Data Center, Cloud and Enterprise best in class workload optimized solution,” said Etay Lee, General Manager of Gigabyte Technology. “Working closely with Cavium, we’ve developed highly integrated system solution enabling a very efficient and cost effective path to design high density Hyperscale class server products using the industry’s best ARMv8 server class processor. The Hyperscale server market demands more sophistication, richer functionality and workload specific optimization. Gigabyte Technology is the solution provider of choice with enterprise-class engineering, manufacturing and support expertise in this area. Our innovation, reliability and flexibility deliver time-to-market advantages to customers developing next generation data center & cloud solutions."

 “The Cavium ThunderX workload optimized multi-core ARMv8 product family offers up to 48 cores with integrated accelerators and Ethernet fabric is well suited for next generation data center and cloud infrastructure, “ said Rishi Chugh, Director Product Marketing for Cavium’s Data Center Processor Group. “By using Cavium’s ThunderX class processors, Gigabyte is able to offer a wide variety of high performance reconfigurable, high volume 1U and 2U systems in single and dual socket configurations as well as reference platforms that fully utilize core differentiators such as integrated Ethernet fabric, large SATA port integration and PCIe Gen 3. Together, we are delivering the performance, scalability and reliability necessary for businesses to handle increasingly complex data intensive workloads in highly virtualized cloud based environments.”

The ThunderX product family provides best-in-class 64-bit ARMv8 data center and cloud processors, which we believe will offer an unprecedented level of integration and industry leading SoC performance. With high performance custom cores, single and dual socket configurations, very high memory bandwidth, large memory capacity, integrated hardware accelerators, fully virtualized core and IO, scalable Ethernet fabric and feature rich I/O’s, this family of processors deliver best in class performance per dollar and performance per watt.  The ThunderX family includes multiple SKUs that enable servers that are optimized for compute, storage, network and security workloads in the cloud. The ThunderX processor family is fully compliant with ARMv8 architecture specifications as well as ARM’s SBSA.

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