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Cavium to Demonstrate Data Center Solutions for Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure at Open Compute Summit 2016

Demonstration of ThunderX® and XPliant® based OCP platforms by various ODM vendors

SAN JOSE, CA, March 8, 2016 –SAN JOSE, CA, March 8, 2016 – Cavium, Inc., (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for enterprise, data center, cloud, wired and wireless networking, will demonstrate Cavium’s newest products supporting Open Compute Project (OCP): based on ThunderX Workload optimized processors and highly configurable Ethernet switches for next generation data center and cloud infrastructure.

Industry adoption of OCP is rapidly growing as the next generation cloud data center stresses on efficient data center designs for scalable computing in form of workload optimized servers, scale out storage appliances and flexible network architectures. Cavium’s innovative data center & cloud technology product offerings target efficiency, high-performance and flexibility thereby complementing the goals of OCP networking initiatives. Designs deploying Cavium technology offerings are optimized for total cost of ownership (TCO) and complexity that are essential key requirements for scalable computing designs.

The ThunderX product family is Cavium’s 64-bit ARMv8-A server processor for next generation Data Center and Cloud applications that features high performance custom cores, single and dual socket configurations, high memory bandwidth and large memory capacity. The product family also includes integrated hardware accelerators, integrated feature rich high bandwidth network and storage IO, fully virtualized core and IO, and scalable high bandwidth, low latency Ethernet fabric, which affords ThunderX best-in-class performance per dollar and watt.

Cavium’s XPliant Ethernet switch family targets applications in cloud / enterprise data centers and service provider infrastructure, for both top-of-rack and backbone applications. XPliant Packet Architecture (XPA) enables very high level of table flexibility and extensible header support without any compromise in throughput. XPliant family of Ethernet switches offers centralized shared packet buffer architecture to absorb the large bursts. The combination of leading performance and remarkable flexibility is attractive across all the segments. These highly configurable Ethernet switches which provides bandwidth from 1Tbps to 3.2Tbps in monolithic silicon supports 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G interfaces. This family of switches also provides connectivity solutions for embedded applications.

Cavium will show the following product demonstrations in booth C3 at OCP 2016:

  • ThunderX®:64–bit ARMv8 based SoC family of workload optimized processors with a range of SKUs and form factors optimized for high performance computing, including volume compute, storage, secure compute and networking specific workloads
    • Demonstration of ThunderX based OCP servers by various ODM vendors
    • Demonstration of ThunderX storage server cluster running Red Hat Ceph

  • XPliant®: Extensible, feature rich, cloud scale datacenter switches providing bandwidth from 1Tbps to 3.2Tbps
    • Demonstration of FBOSS and OpenSwitch NOS software running on the Cavium’s XPliant based Edgecore AS7500-32X platform.
    • Demonstration of Microsoft Azure’s network software running on Cavium’s XPliant based Edgecore AS7500-32X platform via Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) adopter at Microsoft’s booth
    • Demonstration of Pica8’s PicOS software running on Cavium’s XPliant based Edgecore AS7500-32X platform
    • Demonstration of XPliant–based 32x100G platforms from various ODM partners.

To schedule a meeting with Cavium, please contact your local sales account manager or Lilly Ly ( Please enter Meeting Request at OCP 2016.

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Cavium (NASDAQ: CAVM) is a leading provider of highly integrated semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing in enterprise, data center, cloud and wired and wireless service provider applications. Cavium offers a broad portfolio of integrated, software-compatible processors ranging in performance from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps that enable secure, intelligent functionality in enterprise, data-center, broadband/consumer and access and service provider equipment. Cavium’s processors are supported by ecosystem partners that provide operating systems, tool support, reference designs and other services. Cavium’s principal office is in San Jose, CA with design team locations in California, Massachusetts, India and China. For more information, please visit:

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