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Cavium Seamlessly Connects OpenSwitch Software on XPliant Switches

OpenXPS APIs Enable Extensibility of Open Source Network Operating Systems

Open Compute US Summit 2016 – San Jose, CA, March 9, 2016 – Cavium, Inc., (NASDAQ: CAVM), a leading provider of semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing for enterprise, data center, cloud, wired and wireless networking, today announced support for the OpenSwitch open source network operating system (NOS) on Cavium XPliant switches.  Additionally, Cavium introduced Open APIs for the XPliant Programmable Switch (OpenXPS) open source software.

OpenSwitch is an open source, community-led Linux-based network operating system, launched by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and other industry leaders in October 2015, optimized for the scale and architecture requirements of modern next-generation data center networks. It enables a developer ecosystem with the ability to accelerate innovation and realize investment protection, allowing IT organizations to rapidly build data center networks customized for unique business applications.

“Cavium’s support of OpenSwitch is another example of expanding the open source community effort,” said George Tchaparian CEO Edgecore Networks. “Cavium’s OpenXPS support for these open initiatives including OpenSwitch, SAI, and ONL enables rich ecosystems of differentiated solutions, including those open software options on the Cavium’s XPliant based Edgecore AS7500-32X switch, an open hardware design contributed to the Open Compute Project (OCP).”

OpenXPS APIs map the XPliant Software Development Kit (XDK) rich feature-set to an open software interface enabling integration of custom applications on the extensible XPliant switch hardware platforms.  Users now have more freedom to select their software control plane in disaggregation with the hardware, boosting application innovation. OpenSwitch can now use OpenXPS APIs to control the XPliant switch hardware platforms, leveraging a high degree of extensibility.

“We are very pleased to see Cavium continuing to grow the collaborative community with OpenXPS,” said Mark Atwood, community director, OpenSwitch. “The XPliant-based switching solutions expand the OpenSwitch ecosystem and help address the rapidly evolving needs of the open networking industry. Network switches based on OpenSwitch allow IT staff better control of their infrastructure through disaggregation, the freedom of avoiding vendor lock-in, faster time to service and lower overall ownership costs compared to traditional solutions.”

"As we enter the age of the open API economy, Cavium is excited to contribute OpenXPS API’s to the community to further enable the digital transformation,” said Eric Hayes, Vice President and General Manager of the Switching Platform Group at Cavium.  “The XPliant switching architecture’s flexibility is now easily exposed for developers to meet the challenges of scaling up the next generation networking mega platforms.”

OpenSwitch NOS software running on the Edgecore AS7500-32X switch powered by Cavium's XPliant switching silicon will be demonstrated during the OCP U.S. Summit on March 9-10 and at Open Networking Summit (ONS) on March 14-16.

OpenXPS is publicly available now at
The OpenSwitch Community is operating today. Visit for more information about OpenSwitch NOS, the developer releases and plugins available.

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