Cavium - Semiconductor Solutions and Server Innovation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cavium, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction, providing the highest quality products, and delivering its products in a timely manner. In meeting these goals, Caviumstrives to establish corporate, social, and environmental policies that support sustainable business practices worldwide. It is the intent of Cavium to positively affect and improve the lives of its employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which we operate.

Cavium's management systems encourage continuous improvement in our operations and products by providing the framework necessary for identifying and minimizing potential hazards, risks, and negative impacts to our employees, communities, resources, and the environment. At a minimum, Cavium's policies and procedures are designed to ensure compliance with applicable environmental, health, safety and security regulations and requirements. However, our environmental and social targets are not solely driven by regulatory compliance–they are also driven by our global commitment to sustainability through energy efficiency, waste minimization, elimination of toxics, resource efficiency, reduction in water use, improved working conditions, avoidance of conflict minerals, ethical treatment of all employees throughout our corporation and supply chain, pollution prevention, and participation in transparent reporting.